Gazman Pierre (Couleur) of Disip honored by Miami County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Gazman Pierre, also known as Gasman Pierre, was a Haitian artist. He was born on 22nd August in Gonaives. Interestingly, Gazman loved football and had a vision of being a football player but his dream changed when he got a knee injury. This made him to turn to music which was his second vision.


His family moved to United State in 1980. Despite his mother being against music as a career, Gazman began singing as a solo singer. In 1992 he joined a group known as Yeah Bah and launched an album by the name of An nou fe'l a de". He then joined Zenglen Plus and changed its name to D'Zine. D'Zine recorded many songs like Haiti, Lavi en exile and Deal With It. D'Zine had some conflict and Gazman Pierre decided to leave.

In 2000 Gazman joined hands with Arly Lariviere and formed Nu Look. Nu look developed Gazman Pierre Haitian music and came up with songs like Assaz, Big Mistake, Ave 'w m'ap mache, Young Blood, Gran depanse, Competition and Legacy. He also took part in album of Jean Herard Richard "Richie" Ou ale from the leave me.

He collaborated with other artists like Gabriel Laporte. He still sings up to date and has produced more albums. He was among the eight honored by County Commissioner, Jean Monestime, for creating Haitian music a legacy and for promoting Haitian culture.

Music Videos from Disip of Gazzman Couleur

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