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Gazzman Color Fights for Survival in Music Industry

Gazzman Color (GC) is suffering from reduced sales of their CDs, resulting from a drop in their popularity. The fall-off in sales can be partly attributed to hackers and music pirates stealing their music and offering it online to fans for free. This is not a new phenomenon, having gone on for years throughout the music industry world-wide. Music pirates have also been opening pop-up stores, where fans can get a hold of their favorite artists' releases for next to nothing.

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The Music of Disip De Gazzman Couleur

The DISIP is a Miami based Konpa band founded by veteran musicians Gazzman Couleur & Gabriel Laporte. Gazzman Couleur is better known by his stage name Gasman Pierre. Before joining his music career as a Konpa vocalist, he was an actor, businessman and a soccer superstar. He had dreams to participate in the major soccer leagues but unfortunately, a knee injury shattered his dreams, however, fortunately for Konpa, he entered the Haitian music scene. His entry as a lead vocal singer was an instant success. He got the oportunity to take part in many Konpa bands such as, Yeabah, D-Zine, Zenglen Plus, and Nu Look and whether it is for his charisma or voice, Disip De Gazzman Couleur has the capacity to attract thousands of fans.

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Gazman Pierre (Couleur) of Disip honored by Miami County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Gazman Pierre, also known as Gasman Pierre, was a Haitian artist. He was born on 22nd August in Gonaives. Interestingly, Gazman loved football and had a vision of being a football player but his dream changed when he got a knee injury. This made him to turn to music which was his second vision.

His family moved to United State in 1980. Despite his mother being against music as a career, Gazman began singing as a solo singer. In 1992 he joined a group known as Yeah Bah and launched an album by the name of An nou fe'l a de". He then joined Zenglen Plus and changed its name to D'Zine. D'Zine recorded many songs like Haiti, Lavi en exile and Deal With It. D'Zine had some conflict and Gazman Pierre decided to leave.

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How Disip of Gazzman Couleur becomes the New Music Star

You can attest that of Gazzman Couleur is a new band bringing new taste of music in the Haitian music industry. This is the case because the group has not taken root as other older bands in the Haitian music industry. However, the group is making tremendous efforts in the recording and giving their funs the entertainment for which they have been waiting.

It is important to mention that the band is under the leadership of Gazzman Couleur who decided to form this band after breaking away from the NU Look. This is one of the best cause of action he could have taken to give himself the independence of his music and that it the best time to gauge how well he is prepared for the Haiti music market and his other audience in the other parts of the world who are waiting patiently.

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The Music Video of SDL

This is SDL's best music video so far, with a special presentation in this music video by the talented Gassman Couleur, Haiti-born lead singer of the Miami-based group Nu-Look.

SDL is a Haitian hip hop group. Haitian hip hop is hip hop music originating from Haiti and sung by artists of Haitian descent. The most popular form of this is the rising of "Hip Hop nan Kreyol" or Creole (Haitian Creole) Hip Hop. Often, hardcore beats are used while the artist raps in creole. Creole hip hop though relatively new, has become very popular with Haitian youth.

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