The Music Video of SDL

This is SDL's best music video so far, with a special presentation in this music video by the talented Gassman Couleur, Haiti-born lead singer of the Miami-based group Nu-Look.


SDL is a Haitian hip hop group. Haitian hip hop is hip hop music originating from Haiti and sung by artists of Haitian descent. The most popular form of this is the rising of "Hip Hop nan Kreyol" or Creole (Haitian Creole) Hip Hop. Often, hardcore beats are used while the artist raps in creole. Creole hip hop though relatively new, has become very popular with Haitian youth.

Many Haitian rap artists have had rough childhoods and difficult living conditions producing rappers in which socio-economic topics are spoken through their lyrics. Though similar to mainstream American hip hop in that materialistic imagery is portrayed or lyricized, the negative aspects of Haitian society for the less fortunate such as topics concerning slum life, gang warfare, the drug trade, and poverty are much more common.

The most well-known exports of Haitian hip hop has been two members of the legendary Grammy Award winning Hip Hop group the Fugees, Wyclef Jean & his cousin Pras Michel aka Pras. However the godfather of hip-hop in Haiti is the late Master Dji who not only released the first Haitian rap song in the early 80s but also he has been influential in pushing other young Haitians to become rappers, DJs and breakdancers.

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