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Sweet Micky - Michel Martelly - TI LI LI live at Iguana Cafe

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Here is Sweet Micky or the former president of Haiti - Michel Martelly - TI LI LI live at Iguana Cafe.

On 14 May, 2011, Michel Martelly took the charge of the country as the 50th Haitian President and ran his office till February 7, 2016, before leaving his charge to Jocelerme Privert, a Provisional President, appointed under a political accord dated February 5th, with the heads of Haiti's parliament on the creation of a transitional government.
Michel Martelly, during his music career was better known as "Sweet Micky". He is a pop-star-turned-politician. He was a popular singer for two decades before deciding, seemingly on a whim, to run for president in 2010. His father Gerard Martelly was a Shell Oil executive. Martelly attended Red Rocks community colleges in the United States before returning home in the mid-1980s to embark on a musical career. In Haiti, he started gaining fame for his outlandish live performances which often included his dressing in drag or shedding his clothes on stage. However, he quickly established himself as a star in Haiti.

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Boniface Zebo says...

the sweet micky...on live...the king og kompa...zb music inc.../zb music inc/zb music inc haitian

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