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libre D'aimer, New Music video by Djakout #1

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Here is the most recent music video released by Djakout #1. The song is titled Libre D'aimer.

We want you to share your opinion on this new music video with us. What do you think about it. Do you think the video was well produced, the subject well developed, the actors were excellent?

Djakout #1 is a Haitian Konpa group, composed of 10 members. They were founded in 1996 and view their music as representing deprived people. In 2006 while on a road tour they were fired upon, but escaped. This event produced the super-hit "Eskive".

At this year's Carnival they garnered an award for Best Group, performing their hit "Kalot Marasa". Djakout has released eight CDs. Their latest release L OD Nan Dezod has been a chart topper, making them more popular than ever.

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Yanick says...

It is a very amazing video, as the old adage, don't judge the book by its

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Subject: libre D'aimer, New Music video by Djakout #1 edit

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