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Alan Cave ft Mikaben - Jouk nan zo

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Here is the music video of Alan Cave ft Mikaben - Jouk nan zo

Georges Alan Cavé (born February 27, 1966 in New York City) is the lead singer of the Kompa band Zin. His father (Syto Cave) was a playwright, writer, actor, novelist, and director, and mother (Yanick Jean), a painter, decorator, novelist and poet. He spent most of his adolescent years in Haiti. Alan's love for music always got encouragement from his art loving parents and since his childhood, Cave has followed their footprints. During his adolescence, Alan regularly used to play guitar and entertain many audiences with his soulful and heartfelt words and melodies. He accompanied his father on his tour to France, Canada and the southeastern Caribbean Islands, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia. His debut performance happened while on his tour to France with father when an actor in a play fell ill and he was asked to sing the song "La Personne". He did that and received a standing ovation from the attendants.

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