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Farah Juste - Politisyen Aysyen Music Video

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With Haitian Music, I forget everything. Listen to the following song by Farah Juste - Politisyen Aysyen Music Video. After watching this music video "Politisyen Aysyen" from Farah Juste, you can not hel it but to feel sad for Haiti

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Video Comments (9)

Thelemaque Florvil says...

Une louange demeritee est un blame courtois.

C est l'une de nos talents qui luttent pour redorer le blason de Notre nation trahie par ses propres fils. Gardez courage.

La lutte est longue mais Haiti vivra tant que vive la conscience dessalinienne et

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Sam Sam says...

I don't see the changes that you ask for, when you promote pere JEAN JUSTE and Piman bouk, you are just like the others, hoping one day your friends will be on power and do the same things, if I was you, I will probably sing the hopes for the hatian people not promoting my

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Herrio Baptiste says...

It's always hard to tell the truth, however the truth must be spoken.

What makes it worst, instead of being happy for the good jod that you do, they will try to take away your life. Fara Juste, I wish you the best in your singing career while the Creator will continue to Guide your path..

May God bless you and my sweet country

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Alain says...

the hip hop part was the bomb.that should keepdoing his

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Bwa Kayiman says...

Go back to school to learn how to write good

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Georgy says...

yes aunti big bravo for you and keep it up dont listen to them they all devil lets keep togheter and fight for our country nice video youer neuve georgyy love you

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Georgy says...

u dont know what u talking ABOUT I THING U

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Jaul G. says...

This video really presents the real problem in Haiti.

The Haitian politicians are really the causes misery.

Bravo Farah for producing this video.

You are the

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Nadi says...

i am very mad and pisst that your vedios are no being played on my

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