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Alan Cave Assaulted After Atlanta Performance, kicked several times

This is what was reported to the "Haitian Joudalist", Alan Cave was assaulted by Carlito Corvil, a well known HMI Promoter after a performance in Atlenta. Alan was kicked several time after being pushed on the ground

According to his cousin and well known musician, Richard Cave, Alan Cave was upset because HMI promoter and producer Carlito Corvil had decided not to give him his full payment as promised after a performance . As a result, Alan pushed Carlito out of frustration. The HMI promoter then pushed Alan Cave to the point of causing him to fall on the floor. It was reported that while on the floor, Alan was kicked several times by Carlito's son.

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Ninth edition of Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival begins

Haiti is ready to start one of its biggest events this weekend. the Ninth edition of Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival is on its way in the Haitian capital.

A total of 30 concerts with many after-hours jam sessions and workshops by some of the artists will be taking place

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Big Night in little Haiti Welcomes System Band this Friday - Free Event

A night with System Band, this Friday (January, 16, 2015) at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Come to enjoy the Musical band that was at one point the leader in Haitian music.

Remember the event is free and it is a way to continue to support this area in Miami that we claim to be our own. Beside live music from the super band System Band, you will be able to enjoy art, food, culture and fun. At the end of the event, there is Rara Lakay that will take the party to the streets in various neighborhoods in Little Haiti.

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Carnival's Good-Time Jesters King Posse

Carnival is the first major festival of the year in Haiti. Haitian bands write songs especially for the occasion and vie with each other for the title of best Carnival band. No matter how new on the music scene the band may be, they will claim they are the best, even though they haven't even gotten a record deal.

During the three days of Carnival the jostling crowds know all the words and dance moves to Carnival songs. And it doesn't matter if the band's music is less than acceptable, they'll dance to it as if it were Tabou Combo playing for them.

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Orchestre Septentrional D'Haiti a National Treasure

L'Orchestre Septentrional d'Haiti, the island's most venerable band, has been recording, touring, and playing for 66 years. Forging a pathway of its own, it has ignored common wisdom saying, to be relevant a band must adopt the latest music craze.

Septen, as the band is known by generations of fans, was launched in 1948 by merging two smaller orchestras. Avatars of Haitian music, they have produced their own unique style of percussion- and horn-driven compositions, over 500 of them. Whenever a new member joins, they are not allowed to tour until they have mastered the band's complete catalog.

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Gazzman Color Fights for Survival in Music Industry

Gazzman Color (GC) is suffering from reduced sales of their CDs, resulting from a drop in their popularity. The fall-off in sales can be partly attributed to hackers and music pirates stealing their music and offering it online to fans for free. This is not a new phenomenon, having gone on for years throughout the music industry world-wide. Music pirates have also been opening pop-up stores, where fans can get a hold of their favorite artists' releases for next to nothing.

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Pouchon of Djakout number 1 in Court to answer questions regarding Sonson la familia

The popular lead singer of the group Djakout number 1 is expected in Court today ( Wednesday, November 12 ). Auguste Duverger also known as Pouchon was invited by judge, Sonel Jean François to answer some questions in regard to the case against gang leader of baz Galil headed by Woodely Etheart '' Sonson la familia

As you may remember, Woodely Etheart 'Alias Sonson la familia was arrested on May 8, 2014 and currently is in the civil prison of Croix des Bouquets. There are allegations that he has been involved in kidnappings in the past several years.

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Belo Sings of Social Concerns to Make a Better World

Haitian musician Belo, who goes by the performing name of Jean Belony Murat, began life in Port-au-Prince in 1979. He spent his boyhood in Petion-Ville, a place with a thriving music scene, and it was discovered Belo was a natural singer when he successfully imitated his music idol, Buju Banton.

Here is the Music Video:
BélO - Istwa dwol Music Video

Encouraged by family and friends, Belo founded the Mega Boys, which did not achieve the success hoped for. Three years later in 1997 record producer, Fabrice Rouzier, entered his life and shaped Belo's talent, having him learn bass and guitar.

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Jbeatz Popular with Diaspora in Little Haiti, Miami

Konpa musician, Jbeatz, has earned high praise from music critics and the public alike for his second album release 1 More Day. The album is filled with 14 tracks that convey Jbeatz's musical persona, from the romantic cuts like "My Superstar" and "Beautiful" to the spirited "Nuvo ft. Prince Bobby".

He sings with a throaty tenor; his music is very listenable with wide appeal; and his romantic style appeals to his devoted female audience. He has been down the road of heartbreak more than once and sings like a man who will never give up on finding true love. He reaches a broad audience, singing in both Creole and English.

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Shleu Shleu Saxophonist Tony Moise, a Death too Soon

Tony Moise, a Haitian musical giant, succumbed to his death due to heart problems on August 30, 2013. In the mid-sixties, Haiti was ready for a new direction in music as the youth coming up were searching for a fresh way to express themselves. They were grounded in the music beats of the day: compas direct, cadence rampa, ballad, traditional, ambatonel, raboday, and Ibo, among many. The results of their experimentation created Manfoubins, which Moise was an early member of.

He began as a guitarist but eventually turned to the saxophone, which he mastered quickly, perfecting the laid-back and sensual style he became noted for. It took five years for the members of Manfoubins to win over the hearts of music lovers with the new genre, mini-jazz. In a later incarnation the band played under the name of Shleu-Shleu, today known as Ska-Shah.

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