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Here is the music video MWEN BOUKE by Kompa band Harmonik

'Harmonik' is a Haitian Konpa band, a team of six members from Miami, Florida formed in 2008. The group made their debut in September 2008 with the album 'Jere'm' with the very talented Nickenson Prud'homme, Sanders Solon and Mackendy Talon. The band members feel guilty because they were far away in the United States from their homeland during the 2010 earthquake; they did not suffer similarly like their other countrymen. To complement their guilty consciousness, the group decided to audition for America's Got Talent with the mindset of winning the prize money to help rebuild the country, but unfortunately, 'Harmonic' was eliminated in the Vegas Round before the Quarterfinals. The group members were: Nickenson Prud'Homme (Band Leader, Keyboard Player), Mackendy Talon (Lead Singer), Sanders Solon (Guitar Player), Jean-Robert "KB" Charles (Percussionist), Jeffrey Medelus (Drummer), Duckens Pierre-Louis (Bass Player) and Wesner St-Louis (Congas Player). Harmonik's last release (December 23, 2012) was a song and video titled" Mwen Bouke "--it is a great song, great video and a great work. The early retirement of Mac D (Mackendy Talon), the leading performer of the group, shocked every lover of Haitian Konpa music when he announced his resignation and detachment on June 3, 2014 from July 19th, 2014, respectively. The group has celebrated its seventh anniversary on August 25, 2015.

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Patrick Gaspard says...

They all soud the same. It's about time to search for something

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