Jbeatz Popular with Diaspora in Little Haiti, Miami

Konpa musician, Jbeatz, has earned high praise from music critics and the public alike for his second album release 1 More Day. The album is filled with 14 tracks that convey Jbeatz's musical persona, from the romantic cuts like "My Superstar" and "Beautiful" to the spirited "Nuvo ft. Prince Bobby".


He sings with a throaty tenor; his music is very listenable with wide appeal; and his romantic style appeals to his devoted female audience. He has been down the road of heartbreak more than once and sings like a man who will never give up on finding true love. He reaches a broad audience, singing in both Creole and English.

Here is the Music Video:
Jbeatz: Cherry On Top Music Video

Jbeatz has a fervid following among the Haitian Diaspora in Florida, who line up in front of Little Haiti's Sweat Records to be among the first to get their hands on a copy of his latest release.

Sweat Records is a multi-purpose record outlet that specializes in vinyl records, the old 33 rpm format, played on a turntable. This listening format was in vogue beginning in the early 50s until the advent of CDs in the early 80s. It has experienced resurgence in popularity during the last decade due to its low-tech manual operation and analogue tone.

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