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Carnival's Good-Time Jesters King Posse

Carnival is the first major festival of the year in Haiti. Haitian bands write songs especially for the occasion and vie with each other for the title of best Carnival band. No matter how new on the music scene the band may be, they will claim they are the best, even though they haven't even gotten a record deal.

During the three days of Carnival the jostling crowds know all the words and dance moves to Carnival songs. And it doesn't matter if the band's music is less than acceptable, they'll dance to it as if it were Tabou Combo playing for them.

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Jbeatz Popular with Diaspora in Little Haiti, Miami

Konpa musician, Jbeatz, has earned high praise from music critics and the public alike for his second album release 1 More Day. The album is filled with 14 tracks that convey Jbeatz's musical persona, from the romantic cuts like "My Superstar" and "Beautiful" to the spirited "Nuvo ft. Prince Bobby".

He sings with a throaty tenor; his music is very listenable with wide appeal; and his romantic style appeals to his devoted female audience. He has been down the road of heartbreak more than once and sings like a man who will never give up on finding true love. He reaches a broad audience, singing in both Creole and English.

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Tabou Combo and World Creole Music Festival 2014

The World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) will be held in Roseau, Dominica's Windsor Park Stadium during October, 2014. The acts headlining the festival this year are Haiti's own Tabou Combo, along with Jah Cure of Jamaica. This is the 18th year the festival has been held and is considered one of the Caribbean region's annual premiere music events. The announcement of the festival's 2014 theme, "Creole Runs the Night" was made to the media on June 25th by Dominica's tourism department, Discover Dominica Authority.

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Jimmy Danger Danger Returns to Disip

Conga player and head of his own record company, Audio Danger Records, Jimmy Danger, has had enormous success with two EPs, You Are Now Leaving the Future, and You Are Now Leaving the Future 2.

On Future 2, Danger performed with guest musicians, Saxxon, Balistik, T, and Dorian. But the group called Disip broke up for various reasons. Patrick Fabre, Disip's manager, announced on KE radio Jimmy Danger will rejoin Disip along with Sexy Beef.

The Music Video:
Jimmy Danger Anba 'm Yo Ye!

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