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Gazzman Color Fights for Survival in Music Industry

Gazzman Color (GC) is suffering from reduced sales of their CDs, resulting from a drop in their popularity. The fall-off in sales can be partly attributed to hackers and music pirates stealing their music and offering it online to fans for free. This is not a new phenomenon, having gone on for years throughout the music industry world-wide. Music pirates have also been opening pop-up stores, where fans can get a hold of their favorite artists' releases for next to nothing.

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Anderson Cameau, to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Anderson Cameau is an American-Haitian musician. He discovered his talent at the age 12 years after finishing secondary classes at Lycee Petion. He joined a group named Angelic Symphony which was part of National Orchestra of Haiti. His passion for music developed day by day, making him to be among eight musicians who were recognized for advancing and promoting Haitian art and culture. Anderson Cameau was honored on 11th June 2012 by Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jean Monestime. Being recognized as an American -Haitian musician will privilege him to attend Recreation and cultural affair committee meeting.

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The Music Video of SDL

This is SDL's best music video so far, with a special presentation in this music video by the talented Gassman Couleur, Haiti-born lead singer of the Miami-based group Nu-Look.

SDL is a Haitian hip hop group. Haitian hip hop is hip hop music originating from Haiti and sung by artists of Haitian descent. The most popular form of this is the rising of "Hip Hop nan Kreyol" or Creole (Haitian Creole) Hip Hop. Often, hardcore beats are used while the artist raps in creole. Creole hip hop though relatively new, has become very popular with Haitian youth.

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