How Disip of Gazzman Couleur becomes the New Music Star

You can attest that of Gazzman Couleur is a new band bringing new taste of music in the Haitian music industry. This is the case because the group has not taken root as other older bands in the Haitian music industry. However, the group is making tremendous efforts in the recording and giving their funs the entertainment for which they have been waiting.


It is important to mention that the band is under the leadership of Gazzman Couleur who decided to form this band after breaking away from the NU Look. This is one of the best cause of action he could have taken to give himself the independence of his music and that it the best time to gauge how well he is prepared for the Haiti music market and his other audience in the other parts of the world who are waiting patiently.

Since his leaving the NU look band, gazzman has maintained a low profile and this has raised the feeling of worry among his fans. However, it seems his silence for a good cause. He has been engaging with other stakeholders to lending a helping hand in looking for a solution to his mother country for its recent earthquake tragedy. Besides, he is preparing for a good return to the market with great music for his fans.

Music Videos from Disip of Gazzman Couleur

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