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Orchestre Septentrional D'Haiti a National Treasure

L'Orchestre Septentrional d'Haiti, the island's most venerable band, has been recording, touring, and playing for 66 years. Forging a pathway of its own, it has ignored common wisdom saying, to be relevant a band must adopt the latest music craze.

Septen, as the band is known by generations of fans, was launched in 1948 by merging two smaller orchestras. Avatars of Haitian music, they have produced their own unique style of percussion- and horn-driven compositions, over 500 of them. Whenever a new member joins, they are not allowed to tour until they have mastered the band's complete catalog.

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Orchestre Septentrional- "Lanmou Eternel" New Music Video

Mezanmi, Music video sa fek tombe. se Orchestre Septentrional ti fè you gro mizik Video ki rele "Lanmou Eternel". Lè ke mwen tande video sa, mwen pa te panse sete septan. Moun yo ap change still

Orchestre Septentrional- "Lanmou Eternel" New Music Video. This is one of the rare occasion where the group has produced a video at a professional level.

me video a. Pote atensyon nan misik sa. Ah papa, pa ka gin yonmoun ki pou di'm ke nou an afè ak gran moun ankor. konyè se la jenes

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Orchestre Septentrional, a Haitian institution

A hybrid of the Symphonia Trio and the Septentrional Quartet, the current Septentrional Orchestra, or Septen, as they are lovingly called by fans, began as a one-off collaboration to create a dance which would generate income. The success of this venture saw the two groups and their two guests permanently joined in July of 1948. Their continued domination of the music scene in Haiti, and its far-reaching Diaspora, makes them one of the most influential musical groups in Haitian music.

Marie jose, Orchestre Septentrional D'haiti:

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Orchestre Septentrional of Cap-Haitien

Haiti is a place where one would find unique and irresistible music influenced by the country's rich culture. Orchestre Septentrional was one of those music bands who greatly made a mark to Haitians and gave rise to Haiti. This group of musicians is composed of thirteen members who are popularly known for their talent in using saxophones and trumpets in their music.

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Orchestre Septentrional embodied Haiti and the people's hardship. Septen has its own similarities. Just like the less privilege people of the country, this band suffered from everyday poverty and has gone through a lot of challenges. This band contributed creativeness and inspired a lot of people for 6 decades.

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