Orchestre Septentrional of Cap-Haitien

Haiti is a place where one would find unique and irresistible music influenced by the country's rich culture. Orchestre Septentrional was one of those music bands who greatly made a mark to Haitians and gave rise to Haiti. This group of musicians is composed of thirteen members who are popularly known for their talent in using saxophones and trumpets in their music.


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Orchestre Septentrional embodied Haiti and the people's hardship. Septen has its own similarities. Just like the less privilege people of the country, this band suffered from everyday poverty and has gone through a lot of challenges. This band contributed creativeness and inspired a lot of people for 6 decades.

Septen "Temoyaj" live a Paris:

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They were able to generate above three hundred tracks which mostly involved amazing beat of meringue. Orchestre Septentrional also included konpa, bolero and other rhythms. This band is known to be the oldest since 1948 which became part of Haiti's history. As the years go by, the members eventually increased to 20 yet it didn't changed its style.

Mariana-Orchestre Septentrional:

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Orchestre Septentrional still continue to play a combination of vodou beats plus a Cuban beat style which until now drive the listeners to be fanatical. They were also popularly known as "Septin" for enthusiastic fans. The bands career was even highlighted when a documentary about them was made. It was entitled "When the Drum is Beating" by Whitney Dow from2006-2010.

Orchestre Septentrional d'Haiti chauffeur metem a te:

Just like other typical bands, Orchestre Septentrion underwent changes that some veteran listeners find uncomfortable. Some of the band members retired and replaced by new generation singers who incorporated Jazz and funk style to keep up with the younger listeners. Haiti's found the changes a bit sensitive since they have the notion that the band is their country's trademark and shouldn't be changed in anyway. However, changes had to be made to keep up with the younger generations. This decision was made by Ulrich Pierre-Louis who was the manager and the son of the former founder of the band. They decided to mix new styles yet do it slowly to keep the Haitians devoted to them despite its changes.

Pardone Mwen: Les Meilleurs Bolero's D'Haiti:

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To everyone, Orchestre Septentrional has a deeper connection with them and to their homeland. The band shows that despite the tragic and negative event that's happening in their country, the band continues to perform making everyone believe that they can all survive. Until now, they continue to touch the lives of Haitians traveling to share their music and inspire listeners in the North and South of their country.

Watch more music videos from Orchestre Septentrionla

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