MaWoN - Pale Pou Yo - Kanaval 2008

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MaWoN - Pale Pou Yo - Kanaval 2008 - I LOVE IT!!! I love the energy and the colors!! - Gailler Paille mes vieux,,,hope mawon still there after Carnival not just disparaitre...

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Liline says...

well done Mawon, this is the first time I've seen your work. I hope to see more of it in the future.

Dadou- you really work that guitar.

The young lady- you sound great.

congratulation to

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Volvick Attilus says...

you did a good job mawon keep it like

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Steve says...

I see you're working with a Legend.

Great work frere.

Much more success and continue to represent our

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Lindsey says...

this carnival is something else, the music is so classic.

MAWON hope you always keep the good work, bravo

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Subject: MaWoN - Pale Pou Yo - Kanaval 2008 edit

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