Haiti Music Video

Pral gen yon kouri Music videoPral gen yon kouri Music video
Here is the video that says so much. Haiti Cherie - Pral gen yon kouri nan yon ti tan anko. The Haitian history has...
Zenglen - Child Support music videoZenglen - Child Support music video
18,607 views • 9 Comments
With Haitian Music, I forget everything. Listen to the following song by Zenglen - Child Support music video adresses...
Alan Cave - Sa nap Fe rnAlan Cave - Sa nap Fe rn
25,695 views • 10 Comments
These musics, some from Haiti, some from other caribbean nations, and some from France: This Music video Alan Cave is...
Djakout Mizik - Sa Se Biznis Pam Music VideoDjakout Mizik - Sa Se Biznis Pam Music Video
24,133 views • 10 Comments
"Sa Se Biznis Pam" was one of the most popular Haitian music videos for the year 2006. Djakout Misik is the hottest...
Zatrap - Moun Pa  - maren'n Ak Paren'nZatrap - Moun Pa - maren'n Ak Paren'n
Here is once again the group Zatrap - Moun Pa (maren'n ak paren'n). This song was actually the Kanaval 2012) official...
sweet Micky - Youn Ti moralsweet Micky - Youn Ti moral
19,878 views • 5 Comments
Love, passion, affection, are the only things I can thinh of when listening to this music Beautiful music video. Sweet...
Sweet Micky - Bandi Legal Music VideoSweet Micky - Bandi Legal Music Video
11,987 views • 7 Comments
When you think of haitian Music, you think of Kompa, Zouk, Twoubadou, Rasin and a lot more like Sweet Micky - Bandi...
Sweet Micky - Lage 2 Gidon Kanaval 2009Sweet Micky - Lage 2 Gidon Kanaval 2009
9,662 views • 7 Comments
Here is a popular Haitian artist turned president Sweet Micky, Lage 2 Gidon, Kanaval 2009, kanaval, best kanaval
Disip DE GAZZMAN COULEUR Madanm Mwen Te Met Pa BonDisip DE GAZZMAN COULEUR Madanm Mwen Te Met Pa Bon
Here is the group Disip DE GAZZMAN COULEUR in the popular song Madanm Mwen Te Met Pa Bon. The song "Madanm Mwen Met Pa...
Tafia Ki Pou Touye'mTafia Ki Pou Touye'm
Here is the music video Tafia Ki Pou Touye'm by Twoubadou Lakay Verrettes. There is no one answer whether alcohol is...