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sweet Micky - Youn Ti moral

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Love, passion, affection, are the only things I can thinh of when listening to this music Beautiful music video. Sweet micky rocks. Le president du compas. Haiti Cheri se la vie.

Tags: Konpa, Sweet Micky, Slow Jam, politic, poverty, identity, Sweet Micky Music Video

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Jouacin says...

prezidanb mwen kontan yon lòt fwa ankò pou mizik sa a tu n'as fais que prédire miky pam sepou ou mwen ekri martely ou

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Nekro says...

"etidye nan fe nwa epi resite nan la jounen se pa po non fre m!" classic

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Schedly says...

This video shows how lucky us haitian are to be here in usa.Our country is dying of hunger, sickness and kids can't go to school.

We need to look back and remember where we from, and try to help the need if we

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Yanick says...


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Patsy says...

Mwen felicite Mateli pou video sa, mwen renmem
tande misic la.Mwen se yon fanatic Micky 100%
depi mewn monte sou site sa se misic sa mewn tande.

Yon ti moral se yon bel texte qui ka fe
ampil changement nan la vi ayisyen yo.
mwen ta renmen yon ti moral nan bal mateli
ap joue nan marabout

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