Bandi Legal Sweet Micky

Michel Martelly, better known as "Sweet Micky", was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on February 12, 1962. He grew up in the Port-Au-Prince suburb of Carrefour with his brother and four sisters. Micky, Best known for/as: Compas music's most colorful superstar, credits veteran Compas bands, Skah Shah, Frere Dejean, Tabou Combo and Cesaria Evora, a singer from the Cape Verde Islands as being influential on his music.


Micky first began performing as a one man band in 1988 in the Casinoes in Haiti. He released his first hit "Ou La La" in 1988. Two years later Micky expanded the band to include a bass player and a percussionist and by the release of the album "I Don't Care" in 1994 Sweet Micky was a household name in Haitian communities at home and abroad.

Over the past decade, Martelly has won the hearts of the Haitian people through his musical talent and charismatic persona. His music blends Haitian music with new interpretations of compas, roots, salsa, Caribbean soca and jazz-fusion. His persona and satirical lyrics ignite great controversy throughout the Haitian diaspora. The only thing which is predictable about Sweet Micky is that he is completely un-predictable, he has been known to wear Diapers, Mini-Skirts and other shocking outfits onstage.

Bandi Legal Sweet Micky

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