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T-Vice, met beton-an

T-Vice is a Miami based Haitian Compas music band formed in 1991 by brothers Roberto and Reynaldo Martino when they were only 16 and 13 years respectively. T-Vice is famous for their energetic vibes and catchy lyrics. Roberto and Reynaldo are the sons of legendary Haitian guitarist Robert Martino of the classic Top Vice band, the predecessor of T-Vice. Their long time friends James Cardozo (Singer/vocals, Keytar) and Gerald Kebreau (Bass guitarist) soon joined them to form the group as a quartet. Although the Martino brothers were nurtured under the inspiration and musical influence of their legendary father, they always maintained the idea of creating a band of their own. Their group was further expanded in 2005 when four other performers Eddy Viau (Percussionist), Rivenson Louissaint (Drummer), Olivier Duret (co-singer) and Ricot Amazan (congas player) joined their group.

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The Singer & Keyboardist "Sweet Micky"

The Haitian President Michel Joseph Martelly is the son of a middle class petroleum plant supervisor who taught himself to play piano by ear. In his earlier part of life, for various reasons, Martelly, popularly known as Sweet Micky, has moved many times between Haiti and United States. When he returned home in 1987, he was an expert singer and keyboard player specializing in a particular Haitian music style "Compas". With his flamboyant stage personality and musical talent he became a popular musician, nicknamed "Sweet Micky" and quickly established himself as a star in Haiti.

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Michel Martelly Live performance with Tabou Combo as well as Julio Iglesias

Here is the group Tabou Combo Feat. Michel Martelly in the song Yo. Being president will not stop President Michel martelly from performing as a musician. At least this is what he has been demonstrated recently. He has conducted many shows recently.

Haiti's singer-turned-president recently performed for a rare concert. He performed under his old stage name of "Sweet Micky" as he celebrates 25 years as an entertainer. The proceeds for the show which was not revealed in term of amount is to go to the Rose and White Foundation, a charity organization that presidentand his wife runs.

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Sweet Micky is back - Sak Pa Konnen Micky Min Micky......

Forget about President Michel Martelly for a moment. The president of Haiti will be absent this Saturday, August 10, 2013. However, Sweet Micky will be there for one night to celebrate his 25 years as an entertainer.

According to some reliable sources, the Haitian singer turned President is scheduled to perform on the stage Saturday for a rare concert. This is to be done as fundraising with all proceeds for the private show to go to the Rose and White Foundation that the president runs with his wife, Sophia.

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Michel Martelly will sing with Julio Iglesias in Dominican Republic - December 28, 2012

Haiti President Michel Martelly is all set to take center stage with his music in order to help those in need. National Palace spokesman Enrique Mari announced that Martelly will share the stage with Spanish singer Julio Iglesias during a fundraising concert in the Dominican Republic on December 28. The proceeds that will be generated by the concert at the city of La Romana will go straight to First Lady Sophia Martelly's charity.

A list of Julio Iglesias Music Videos.....

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Bandi Legal Sweet Micky

Michel Martelly, better known as "Sweet Micky", was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on February 12, 1962. He grew up in the Port-Au-Prince suburb of Carrefour with his brother and four sisters. Micky, Best known for/as: Compas music's most colorful superstar, credits veteran Compas bands, Skah Shah, Frere Dejean, Tabou Combo and Cesaria Evora, a singer from the Cape Verde Islands as being influential on his music.

Micky first began performing as a one man band in 1988 in the Casinoes in Haiti. He released his first hit "Ou La La" in 1988. Two years later Micky expanded the band to include a bass player and a percussionist and by the release of the album "I Don't Care" in 1994 Sweet Micky was a household name in Haitian communities at home and abroad.

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