Richi - Haiti Music Video

Klass - Pitit Deyo - Live Klass - Pitit Deyo - Live
Here is the group Klass, Pitit Deyo. This was a live performance realized by Klass and Maestro Richie at Club Vision...
Klass Klass "move Siyal" Official Music Video!
Here it is. KLASS "Move Siyal" official music video. The video was just released on the same time it was sent to you...
Zenglen - I NEED YOU Music Video Zenglen - I NEED YOU Music Video
18,478 views • 5 Comments
To be incorporated in the Haitian culture, Haitian Kompa has to be in your blood, Zouk is also part of our culture ...
Zenglen - O.F.F Music Video Zenglen - O.F.F Music Video
17,278 views • 35 Comments
This is a presentation of Haitian Music - Zenglen - O.F.F Music Video - gouvernement desann gouvernement monte ou tap...
Zenglen Medley Music Video Zenglen Medley Music Video
15,209 views • 4 Comments
All the best Haitian music, Zouk music. Watch the most exciting music videos on the net - Zenglen Medley Music Video ...