Klass "move Siyal" Official Music Video!

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Here it is. KLASS "Move Siyal" official music video. The video was just released on the same time it was sent to you. We want you to be among the first to watch the new video of the group Klass.

Promote the Haitian Music:

The title is "Move Signal", As a man, have you ever been in a similar situation. A don't know about you but this song actually remind me of the time I was checking a girl back in Haiti. We would go to the movies, we would be holding hands. I even come to the point of kissing. However, for her, it is not official. We would not be lovers until she officially responded.

Unfortunately, we never became lovers boyfriends and girlfriends because it was not time yet for her.

One thing I can tell you is that after a period of time is was no longer important for me either. I was able to get everything I wanted out of the relationship without having to commit.

Kreyol Pale Kreyol Kompran...

Misik Klass sa fè mwen songe yon ti dam ke mwen fè combien tan mat file, min mwen pa janm bo. O comansman, no bo, min chak fwa mwin mande rinmin, li pa vle. A la fin, rinmin-an pa te necesè paske mwin fè tout sa mwin the pou fè nan relasyon_ san ke mwin pa rinmin

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