King Posse - Hip-Hop Creole Music Video

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This is a presentation of Haitian Music - King Posse - Hip-Hop Creole Music Video - The person in this video is no member of band. King Posse was the bomb...and still is to many people. The group consist of "Samy B, Black Alex, Haitian Buju, Done Chov, Bouda Ranks, Vandame and their manager

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Sonita Mulqueen says...

they are my favorite in the Hip-Hop creole in my opinion they are the best they got Black alex with a beautiful voice and very talented all of them are brilliant they are my boy i have my dream to sing with them in my life because i wily like them alot in the Hip-Hop

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Boniface Zebo says...

good-flow de la music haitienne crie d'amour de nouvelle generations plus extravertie raggeae haitian fait le playliste pour les fans de guadeloupe-martinique-reunion-guyane-haiti-usa- concepts-radio bonoface

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Alix Alexandre says...

respecct seems jah guide and bless i true rasta said thank

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Claudel Pierre says...

I did not know this group was not still performing
guys get back together make this work, this group is the bomb I love even my girl love it even though she don't speak creole the melody terrific.Don't give up you still can do it. (Pierre) From Portland

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Francia says...

still love this song; une tres belle melodie!!! tan ale, tan pa

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Birdo says...

Wat Da F*** U Want Credit 4 Dat Dat Aint Ur Sh**.Who Da F*** R

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Kethou says...

Wow, chant sa a se te pou mwen li te fèt tèlmant mwen te remin l e mwen still love

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Dyna says...

I love this Group as well, I could not believe that the separated.

They are soo great and could do a whole lot on this community, I hope they are all continuing in the music industry and hope that i hear from them soon. My whole teanage year is pretty base around this song. Love

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Bogosse says...

franchement j'arret pas a me poser des question pourquoi les mecs se sont separé le groupe avait un grand avenir devant eux, et je pense qu'il n'est pas trop tard, parce que tout les musiciens sont là c'etait un groupe qui me fesait rever et qui me faire rever a chaque fois que j'ecoute un morceau du groupe, franchemen( les mecs vous etiez formidable, c'etait vraiment extraordinaire c'etait

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