Kanaval 2013 Shabba #1 - Kouzin

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Is this how it is going to be? Shabba has released a new Carnival way b efore Djakoud has released their 2013 Kanaval. Not only they have released the new Kanaval that you are having an opportunity to listen to now. I seems like it is a prelude of Djakout, 2013 Kanaval

If that is the case, T-Vice is in big problem

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Boniface Zebo Correspt De says...

haiti(ayiti)se ou men vle wew manvi dormi nen pay m fe on piti (rara) men gen ave shabba kijanw ye ayiti cherie manvi kotew mta renmen konnen ki gen mw damou.

boniface zebo correspt de

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Subject: Kanaval 2013 Shabba #1 - Kouzin edit

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