SDL - Ki yes ki responsab music video

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No other music style can be as satisfying as these music. The videos are also master pieces SDL - Ki yes ki responsab music video - Who is responsible for the problem of Haiti? This music video tells it all

Tags: Hip Hop, Rap, Music Engage, politic, poverty, immigration, Boat people, starvation, Rap Kreyol

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Lindsey Aja Stewart says...

after all they speaking the truth i hope all of us could understand that haiti's solution is for us to be united if we did 1804 we can do it again.

i love my country and will never forget "MY ROOT" no matter

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Gerald says...

mwen pa responsable paske chak le you group moun pa dako avek jan bagay ye gro chef krase et yo brise nou ka we kouman jounalis nan peyi sa ap fin mouri neg ki gin pouvwa yo ki responsable nou pa we kijan presidan peyia elimine kidnapin et ap arete gro boujoi nan magouy kontreban paske li vle fe sa nou pa ka fe anyen si li

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Dmg says...

One of the best haitian rap song. great beat, good text, good flow. keep it up

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Joseph Martial says...

I like the the message of the song I can only hope that they keep on doint wwhat they doin and they don't lose sight of their dreams I'm also Haitian so if I may critisize on this video: I think that they could have done a better job at the same time they did get the message across that's all that

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Mackenzy P says...

This song asks a lot great questions.

The artists are speaking truth.


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Proud To Be Haitian says...

this video is hot and i think most haitian need to see this video.

this group is right.

We are responsible because the people that lives in haiti are the once's suffering and we all are responsible.

Near or far. great

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