Djakout #1 - Ma Seule Folie Music Video

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Here is the song by Djakout #1 - Ma Seule Folie "Unplugged" @ Little Haiti Cultural Center

Djakout Mizik received the "Best Carnival Band in Haiti" in February 2008 for their lively performance of Kalòt Marasa (two slaps). However, the group was divided into two separate groups--one retained the original name "Djakout Mizik" and the other took a new name "Djakout Number One".

The important members of the "Djakout Number One" group are: Mamane (Maestro & Bassist), Pouchoun Duverge (Lead Vocalist), Ti Pouch (Keyboardist), Ti Regi (Keytarist), Roro (Drummer), Didi Santana (Guitarist) and Shabba (Congas). Recently, Shabba, one musician of the group, has announced his candidacy for deputy for Plaine du Nord Haiti.

Thus, Djakout Number one was founded on November 3, 2010. As per their announcement, "Djakout Number One" has a brand interest -- "putting Haiti on the international map and spreading Haitian konpa to the masses."

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