KANAVAL 2016 - Manda'w Bout - Hood Squad

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Here it is, KANAVAL 2016 - Manda'w Bout - Hood Squad.

Haiti is the first Black Republic in the world and the second independent country in the western hemisphere after the United States became independent in 1783. Before the French, Christopher Columbus landed at Mole St. Nicholas on December 6, 1492 and established a settlement, La Navidad, the first European colony in the New World (a name given for the western hemisphere) during the Age of Discovery (between 15th to the 18th century, when extensive overseas exploration was a part of European culture). When Columbus arrived in Haiti, there was a flourishing civilization on the island. The Arawak, the original inhabitants of the island were living there for over 700 years prior to his arrival. They lived lives of great simplicity with farming and fishing. Christopher Columbus, in the honor of his Spanish sponsors, named the island La Isla Espanola (Spanish for "The Spanish Island"). However, the name was later changed to 'Hispaniola'.

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