Roger Colas Live - Paulette- Septentrional

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Here is Roger Colas in the song Paulette with orchestre Septentrional, TiJac sax soufflant

L'Orchestre Septentrional d'Haiti is a Haitian national treasure. The group has been in existence since 1948, and has managed to avoid copy-catting here-today-and-gone-tomorrow musical flirtations that die a quick death. Also known familiarly as Septen, the group started with the combining of two smaller groups into the behemoth music machine it is today.

Considered the grandfather of Haitian music, the group has fashioned its own musical language with innovative beats and rhythms, inspired by its roots in several Caribbean countries. This has caused many fans to call them Ball of Fire. But Septen has opened its arms to younger musicians, who have brought exhilarating new tones, textures, and percussive beats to Septen's playbook: styles like Konpa, bolero, and meringue. The group has such a grip on audiences' sensibilities that documentarian Whitney Dow made a film, "Septentrional: From the North". Septen, who is turning 67 this year, has had another distinction accorded to its legendary reputation, inclusion in "The Rough Guide", the World's Music Bible.

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