Timanno and gemini all stars - in the song Immoralite

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Immoralite: Granmoun 70 ans ap rinmin ak timoun 12 ans.

At the age of 25, Antoine Rossini Jean-Baptiste returned to Haiti and became the lead singer of 'DP Express De Petion Ville', the most popular Haitian band during that time and there he made his mark as a serious composer and song writer. He left the group in 1981 to form his own group 'Gemini All Star'. During the Duvalier regime, he relocated himself in the U.S and his popularity rose to its peak. Antoine Rosini Jean Bapstiste was the most charismatic Haitian performer of his time. Even thirty years after his death, Haitians still hear and feel the power of his music and the messages in his songs through a timeless melody. He was a genius, much ahead of his time. In the mid 1980's, when there was a growing AIDS crisis in the U.S, Ti Manno became a victim of it and died prematurely at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York City.

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