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Pouchon of Djakout number 1 in Court to answer questions regarding Sonson la familia

The popular lead singer of the group Djakout number 1 is expected in Court today ( Wednesday, November 12 ). Auguste Duverger also known as Pouchon was invited by judge, Sonel Jean François to answer some questions in regard to the case against gang leader of baz Galil headed by Woodely Etheart '' Sonson la familia

As you may remember, Woodely Etheart 'Alias Sonson la familia was arrested on May 8, 2014 and currently is in the civil prison of Croix des Bouquets. There are allegations that he has been involved in kidnappings in the past several years.

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Djakout, a truly Number One Music Band in Haiti

Djakout Mizik is a Carrefour, Port-au-Prince based Compas band famous for their slow jazzy style of music. They have recorded some remarkable hits like Septieme Ciel, Biznis Pam and Naje Pou Souti. Djakout Mizik first appeared on the American Television Network with Wyclef Jean on MTV to perform on the New Year eve of 2007.

Watch Djakout #1 - Ma Seule Folie Music Video

Recently, on April 14, 2014, Kompa magazine visited the studio of Djakout Number One while they were working with four new songs for their next album. They had given the title of the songs to the Kompa representative but asked not to reveal them. However, under this condition of anonymity, it can be said that those songs were very much socially conscious lyrics based on very strong words--the subject matters of the songs were based on Justice, Prosperity or Fulfillment and Social ethics.

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Djakout #1, Kanaval 2014 in Video

We have the honor to inform you that Djakout Number one has released its Video of its Kanaval 2014

Some how, both Djakout Number 1 and T-Vice have managed to release their Kanaval Meringue around the same time, as well as their Videos.

One element that was missing in previous Kanavals but present today is Tonton Bicha

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Carnival of Jacmel 2014, "Pote Kole poun avanse", Sunday, Feb. 23

Under the theme "Pote Kole pou n avanse", the 2014 edition of the Jacmel Carnival will take place on Sunday, February 23. The festivity, expected to be steeped in the rich culture of the country, will be an outdoor, day-long event that will have spectators thrilling to the sounds, smells, and sights that only Haiti can offer.

As said by the South-East's Office of Tourism consultant, Michaelle Craan, the festival will show Haiti's particular heritage, passed down from folklore through decades' worth of oral tradition. The event, a mainstream highlight of Haitian society, has been a customary rite that allows those who take part to feel part of something unifying and special.

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List of Musical groups to participate In 2014 kanaval Released

There is no more rumors. The Official list of the musical bands that will be part of the 2014 Kanaval in Gonaives has been released. Like many who have been waiting, the question is: "Is Brother's Posse in?

No, King Posse is not in it. Don Kato will probably not even be allowed to travel to Gonaives during the three days.

Here is the complete list of who are in:

1 - T-Vice
2 - Djakout # 1
3 - Carimi
4 - Kreyol La
5 - Barikad Crew
6 - Rock Fam
7 - Team Lobey
8 - Micky T-
9 - K-zino
10 - Bel Plezi
11 - Konpa to Female
12 - Konpa
13 - Chachou Boyz
14 - Simbi Extra
15 - Anbyans
16 - Boukman Eskeperyans

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Djakout #1 in Little Haiti cultural Center, Friday January 17th

We proud to announce that the popular Haitian Kompa band Djakout #1 will be at Lttle Haiti cultural center on Friday, January 17th from 6pm to 10pm and the event is free of charge.We are expecting a big crowd as these giants in the Haitian Kompa will give us a taste on how they will be performing this year in Carnival in Gonaives.

Djakout: Se Taw Taw!

Be among the first to have a preview of their "meringue Carnavalesque" for 21014. you will be able to evaluate whether or not T-vice will have "baton Nan Rou Li"

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Djakput Number 1 - 2013 Kanaval - Official Video

This is it. The music video we haved been waiting for has finally arrived. Djakout Number One finally released their official Video of Kanaval 2013 "Kite Koken"

We have it for you to see and judge.

What do you think about the Mesic video of Djakout number One?

I don't know if you have noticed that, however the Kanaval of both T-Vice and Djakout Number one for this year did not make as much noise as those of some other musical groups.

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Djakout #1 just released their Kanaval 2013 - Kite Koken

We have just received the new 2013 Kanaval of the group Djakout #1. the title is "Kite Koken" Kanaval 2013 . You are among the first to year it. The 2013 National carnival in Cap-Haitian is going to be hot. The days are getting closer and closer. Before you know it, it will be Kanaval in Jacmel, in less than two weeks and the big one, National Kanaval in cap-Haitian

Watch More 2013 Kanaval Videos.....

For Jacmel, the seaside city is getting ready for celebrants to meander through the streets dressed up in colorful paper-mache outfits. In the meantime, the city od cap-Haitian selected as Carnival's host this year, has committed all his department's resources to ensure the event is successful.

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The Biography of Djakout Mizik

Djakout Mizik is a 7 member compass band that is best known by its slow jazzy styles of music. Many of their fans at that time identified with their performances leading to the band crowned the best carnival band in Haiti for performing Kal, with noticeable energy. This marked the turning point of their fame. In fact, the great energy they had put into performance of the hit, took the audience and the charges by surprise. This is the case because changing their style of performance was unexpected and that it is as if they had opened the gates of their ingenuity during the performance.

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Latest from Djakout Mizik

Djakout Mizik is a popular Haitian Compas band. On New year's eve on MTV in 2007, they performed with Wyclef Jean. This was their first appearance on an American network television. In February 2008, they were crowned the best carnival band in Haiti for their energetic performance of Kalòt Marasa (two slaps).

In May 2006, members of Djakout Mizik were shot at while getting out of a van. Thankfully, none of the members were hurt and they had one of their most successful hit about this incident, Eskive.

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