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Pouchon of Djakout number 1 in Court to answer questions regarding Sonson la familia

The popular lead singer of the group Djakout number 1 is expected in Court today ( Wednesday, November 12 ). Auguste Duverger also known as Pouchon was invited by judge, Sonel Jean François to answer some questions in regard to the case against gang leader of baz Galil headed by Woodely Etheart '' Sonson la familia

As you may remember, Woodely Etheart 'Alias Sonson la familia was arrested on May 8, 2014 and currently is in the civil prison of Croix des Bouquets. There are allegations that he has been involved in kidnappings in the past several years.

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Some beautiful music videos from Djakout Mizik number 1

The bands Djakout Mizik and Djakout #1 were one number prior to 2010 when a division, into two separate units, was established and the new band adopted the latter name. Before the schism, their success as a Haitian Compas band came on the merit of their slow style of jazz influenced Compas and brought them the distinction of performing with an international Haitian superstar.

They started out in 1986 and, while the band members have changed, with over twenty members, past and present to date, the music never stopped. The band is well known for their songs, Septieme Ciel, Biznis Pam and Naje Pou Souti and for albums such as, Dedouble, La Familia and Jistis.

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The music video of Kompa band Djakout Mizik

It is no secret that the group Djakout Mizik has been the hottest craze in konpa music in the past several year. Since the release of their first hit song "Encore Encore", Djakout Mizik continues to post number-one konpa hits from 1987 to the present. It's almost impossible to argue with their success; Djakout has been very consistent, producing a string of hit albums, fun, and enjoyable music for their fans base. Whether it is in New York, Miami, Boston or Canada, Djakout headlines all major festivals and concerts. Djakout's live performances continue to sell out arenas in parts of Europe and Eastern United States.

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