Big Night in little Haiti Welcomes System Band this Friday - Free Event

A night with System Band, this Friday (January, 16, 2015) at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Come to enjoy the Musical band that was at one point the leader in Haitian music.

Remember the event is free and it is a way to continue to support this area in Miami that we claim to be our own. Beside live music from the super band System Band, you will be able to enjoy art, food, culture and fun. At the end of the event, there is Rara Lakay that will take the party to the streets in various neighborhoods in Little Haiti.

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Pouchon of Djakout number 1 in Court to answer questions regarding Sonson la familia

The popular lead singer of the group Djakout number 1 is expected in Court today ( Wednesday, November 12 ). Auguste Duverger also known as Pouchon was invited by judge, Sonel Jean François to answer some questions in regard to the case against gang leader of baz Galil headed by Woodely Etheart '' Sonson la familia

As you may remember, Woodely Etheart 'Alias Sonson la familia was arrested on May 8, 2014 and currently is in the civil prison of Croix des Bouquets. There are allegations that he has been involved in kidnappings in the past several years.

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Fabrice Rouzier, Mover and Shaker in Haitian Music Industry

Konpa musician, Fabrice Rouzier, was born in Port-au-Prince in 1967. At four years old, he began studying the piano, tutored by his Aunt Marguerite Borno. By the age of 17, he was a studio musician, working with the likes of Hans Peters, Bobby Denis, and Patrick Dejean. Two years later, he helped found Mizik Mizik. His track record of albums worked on has exceeded 300 so far in his career.

Part of a seminal movement, he became instrumental in cultivating Nouvelle Generation Konpa, helping such music artists as Emeline Michel, Belo, and Michel Martelly emerge onto the music scene. A potent music force, Rouzier also was the genius behind Haiti Troubadours CD compilation, which he recorded at the new Soleil Sound studio. Always looking for new musical horizons, he recorded balladeers Jude Jean and Tifane, helping to make their careers.

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Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival at the Little Haiti Cultural Center

I don't know if you had noticed, the Little Haiti area in Miami is getting more and more exciting. This coming weekend is yet another example as it is hosting the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival. The Haitian community has reclaimed Little Haiti.

Here is how to get to Little Haiti Cultural Center:

Performing at the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival will be some of the greatest names in Haitian as well as International Jazz, including: the United International Jazz Band with saxophonist Felipe Lamoglia, Brazilian singer Beatriz Malnic and Haitian jazz musicians Jowee Omicil, Jean Chardavoine and Harvel Nakundi.

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Haiti Direct: Big Band, Mini Jazz & Twoubadou Sounds, 1960-1978

Haitian culture has been developed over centuries collecting everything apposite from many traditions and cultures that ever came close to it. Their religion has drawn roots from Africa, Roman Catholicism, neighboring Caribbean countries and whatever they found they can adopt and use to create a vibrant rich civilization. Even Haitian music has numerous influences drawn from the people who have settled in this island. It reflects African, French rhythms, some Spanish elements and sometime it is performed in Taino and voodoo influence.

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Festival in Haiti

The art of storytelling has been one of the traditions passed on to Haitians from their African descendants. Its relevance in today's society is celebrated each year in the festival Kont anba tonèl, which was put on this year from March 25 to 29 for its fifth year.

This year, the flavor of Guadeloupe was featured with the invitation of M'Bitako, a prolific storyteller who captivated the crowd with an insight into the literary world of Guadeloupe. Also able to showcase their work were Chelson Ermoza and Staloff Tropfort, also known as "Estalove Wòklò" on the first night. The 25th also featured a performance from Dieuvela Etienne of "Symbi Roots" (ex-Rara fanm).

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Haitian Folk song by Baldwin Wallace University Men's Chorus

Here is the video of a Haitian folk song being interpreted by Baldwin Wallace University Men's Chorus. This group is tapping into the rich Haitian culture to bring out some of our most beautiful songs out for the world to enjoy.

This presentation was conducted on October 26th , 2013 by Baldwin Wallace University Men's Chorus. The Director is Frank Bianchi.

My hope is that one day more Haitian would come to realize the dept of our culture and will com to appreciate more what wh have to offer

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Arly Lariviere Apologizes to Fans, Again

Arly Lariviere, attempting to explain his behavior at a recent show he gave in Cap-Haitien, claims video footage of him losing his temper on stage didn't tell the whole story. The video shows Arly turning around repeatedly to look at someone offstage, eventually losing his temper, slamming a microphone to the ground. Arly admits he should not have lost his temper, but hastens to explain the events, which led up to his melt-down.

According to him, it was raining that evening and his groups' instruments were malfunctioning. The equipment was shutting down intermittently. The crowd grew restive and numbers of them began ascending to the stage, pulling the plugs on basses and guitars. At one point, the show was stopped for 45 minutes. His frustrations eventually got the better of him and he exploded, hurling the microphone to the floor. The video did not show the shenanigans of audience members, as it was focused on the star performer, Arly.

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Wanito playing for Free at Big Night, Little Haiti, Miami

An opportunity of a lifetime to watch Wanito playing in Miami. Wanito, the talented young Haitian musician, is taking time off from is world tour to give this unique performance to the Haitian community in South Florida.

The event will be taking place at Little Haiti Cultural Center on December 20, 2013, from 8:00pm to 10:00. It is absolutely free of charge.

Manman passe pran Papa, Paran passe pran ti moun yo pou nou tout ale woue Wanito Kap depoze nan ti Ayiti nan mayami

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The Sensitive Sound of Olivier Duret

Olivier Duret, or Oli as he is also known, possesses intensity, tenderness, and passion as a singer. On his release, "Danre Ra", he limns the peaks and valleys of young love.

In the video, he plays a young solider whose first love finds him while he is on deployment. As the story unfolds, he feels sadness, frustration, and loneliness on his tour of duty.

He reaches out to his love at home, singing with sensitivity, a crescendo of feelings, expressing his eternal love for her, unfaltering and true.

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