Orchestre Tropicana DHaiti Part 5

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Here is a continuation of Compas direct which was made popular in the mid-1950s by the sax and guitar player Nemours Jean Baptiste.Orchestre Tropicana DHaiti Part 5

Tags: Konpa, retro, kompa, tropicana, orchestre tropicana dhaiti, Tropicana Music Video

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Reddecemberheat says...

tropicana is one of the biggest orchestre in haiti their music is so nice so simple i just can, t beleive them sometimes they make me feel so good I, LL B SO HAPPY, BOY I JUST DON, T KNOW WHAT 2 SAY ANYNOME.GOD BLESS U TROPIC ALL OF U GUYS I WISH U GUYS THE BEST ALL

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Subject: Orchestre Tropicana DHaiti Part 5 edit

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