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The group Rylax with the song San Wont

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Watch the new music video San Wont from The group Rylax.

What Does It Mean a Person with No Character?
"Human character" is generally synonymous to "honor", but differs from "personality".'Character' is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual which are built into an individual's life. When a person lacks consistency in people's friendliness, honesty, or any other personality trait from one situation to other, or on different situations and such person often fails to realize this, and tend to assume that his/ her behavior is far more consistent and predictable than it really is... we might call him 'a person with no character'. Abraham Lincoln once said, "Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree." Our character is much more than just our reputation, what we try to display for others to see; it determines how we response in any given situation.

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