Djakout Mizik - Problem Music Video

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Djakout Mizik - Problem Music Video - I love this video djakout one love baby djaz peyi a for life, you guys did what ya had to do good job very for life one luv

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Beatrice Dorvil says...

i love djakout this'is my

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Marie says...

This is the best video ever. I could listen to it all day and still make me dance.

I not really a big fan on compa but this want is a bomb! I love it, love it.
Hope one day this country will be back to normal.

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Mel says...

i'm not really a big fan of Kompa but i love Djakout.

I think Djakout is the hottest band in Haiti.

Whenever i hear Djakout i'm in mood to dance that's how good Djakout is. Thank you Djkout for such vivid

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Nicole says...

i love this video djakout problem video its is very nice

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509 says...

si pat gen djakout haiti te vin peri
depi mwen fe yon jou mwen tande djakout ke mwen pa

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Raymondolla says...

djakout is the best haitian konpa band that's it epi lot yo vini

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Rony Dicaprio says...

a think most important is that djakout mizik since ten years lead the compas music evry where till mtv. it is a proof tha djakout is now and for ever the number one.till infinity.


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