Sweet Love by Gazzman Couleur/Disip Feat Tipachou

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The superstar of the Haitian music Gazzman Couleur/Disip is bach with his latest music video. This song titled Sweet Love feart. Tipachou is a great video. In this music video, you will see a display of Haitian beauty.

From his childhood Gasman Pierre (or Gazzman Couleur) possessed a strong passion for football but a knee injury pushed him to the microphone. When his family left Gonaïves and migrated to the U.S during his teen, he began his career as a solo artist equipped only with his marvelous voice. In 1992, he joined 'Yeah Bah' and in 1994,he started performing with Zenglen Plus, which subsequently became D'Zine, and produced hits one after another like "Apocalypse", "Deal With It", "Lavi en exil", "Haiti", and "Saint-Jacques" Later, he united with Arly Larivière, and created 'Nu Look' in 2000 which became a successful Haitian Kompa Band in Miami. Between 2002 and 2006, Nu Look produced 3 masterpiece albums. Later, Gazzman left Nu Look and created his own band 'Disip'. He has been honored by the County Commissioner, Jean Monestime, for promoting Haitian culture and creating memorable Haitian music.

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Subject: Sweet Love by Gazzman Couleur/Disip Feat Tipachou edit

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