Nap Monte La Sous Music Video by Gracia Delva

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Here is the latest music video from Gracia Delva, Nap Monte La Sous.

Garcia (or Gracia) Delva is a singer, actor, MP, composer, born (June 9, 1972) in Haitian Marchand-Dessalines. Gracia started his music career with 'GEROSTAR' but that dissolved after one performance. Thereafter, he joined 'DJAKOUT MIZIK' in 1992 where he made many successful and memorable performances. In 1996, he left Haiti for the United States and met the genius Zenglen. They together created wonderful songs like 'DWET 5'. However, their unison was very short-lived. Due to some immigration problem, Gracia had to leave the U.S and return Haiti. It was a boon for the Haitian Kompa music because, after spending some time in France, his return gave him the opportunity to form his own group 'Mass Konpa' (Pèp the Jazz). Today, it is among the top 10 most powerful groups of compass. Gracia made his acting debut in the Haitian movie 'The 11th Command'. He was elected MP for Marchand Dessalines with 67% vote. His FONGARD foundation pays tuition fees for 1350 families. He has helped plantation of 4,000 seedlings in the mountains near Marchand Dessalines. 'Mass Konpa' is awaiting of its programs in the U.S.

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