King Posse and Friends Official Video "Black Alex Nou Pap Janm Bliye'w

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Here is the song from King Posse and Friends "Black Alex Nou Pap Janm Bliye'w

The album "Nou Pap Jan'm Bliye'w" by 'King Posse and Friends' is a homage to its band leader Black Alex. "Black Alex" (39), the well known Rap and Ragga artist from King Posse, passed away on Friday, November 13, 2015 in a Haitian community Hospital in the capital city after a prolonged illness. He was born as Jamecy Alex Pierre, but was named "Black Alex" because of the dark hue of his skin. He formed his "King Posse" group with his childhood friends in the same year when Jean Claude Duvalier was overthrown and the Haitian society was becoming more liberal and less parochial. After the dissolution of King Posse, Alex made some solo, but they were never well received like his earlier band albums. Despite losing valuable members, the group had remained active over a decade because the group had the perfect formula for great Kanaval; they had a pure recipe to make people happy with their music.

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Marie Stubbs says...

Even though I don't understand what is being sung, the emotional appeal was what 'engaged' me. There is an abundance of raw emotion, that conveys a message that has a universal appeal in spite of the language barrier.

It was beautiful to watch and

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