Emeline Michel - Pran Men'm

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This is no other than the giant in Haitian cultural music. Emeline Michel Pran Men'm.

Born in the independence city of Gonaives, Haitian singer Emeline Michel has built a reputation in using folk musics of Haiti by merging Haitian compas music, rara with jazz, pop, bossa nova, and samba into a new and beautiful style. She is an all out dancer, vocalist, songwriter and producer. Her list of international stars she has performed with is very long.

Let's take the Haitian music to the next level: :

Mwen ta swete ou tande parol mizik sa. "Rinmin-ou, Mwen pwale rinmin-or. Nan tout Klass ou, Map redouble. Ayayal

Cheri pran minm. Sa se bel bagay

This video was directed by Mariette Monpierre Guest star Jimmy Jean-Louis 2014 Cheval de Feu Productions

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