T-Vice - KANAVAL 2016 - Dan Di Kite Gratè

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Here is T-Vice - KANAVAL 2016 - Dan Di Kite Gratè.

The festival was gradually transported to the Caribbean by the European slave traders. Ultimately, it has evolved as a mass celebration of indulgences in music, food, drink and dance, something which the Church may not ever have in mind.

"Kanaval" is a pre-Lent festival often a blend of local pagan and catholic traditions that announces the end of winter and welcomes the spring. Haitian carnival always starts in January, known as 'Pre-Kanaval and held over several weeks each year leading up to 'Mardi Gras' in February. People sing and dance in costumes, parades with hundreds of flamboyantly decorated unique floats, craft stands, foods and popular Kompa band is played everywhere.

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