DON KATO - BROTHER'S POSSE - Kanaval 2016 Haiti - Bobinn Fil

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You thought as a Senator of the Republic he would no longer get involved in Kanaval, you are mistaken. Here is DON KATO - BROTHER'S POSSE - Kanaval 2016 Haiti - Bobinn Fil.

Keeping up the carnival tradition during this current political crisis in Haiti was a big problem. On Sunday, February 7th, the local police announced that all the activities scheduled for the carnival celebrations have been cancelled because of the tensed political situation. The mood of the commoners became grim because the biggest festive day of the year was suddenly transformed into a day to bid farewell to a controversial president. On the first day of the carnival, riot police clashed with the protesters on the streets while Martelly was returning the presidential slash to the Assembly by handing it over to the National Assembly President Jocelerme Privert. However, political tensions could not completely stop the Haitian capital's annual carnival on the second and third day. Sadly, uncertainty added certain dampers on the mood, there were relatively few decorated floats, few sponsors and less number of revelers and viewers on the streets. The Carnival organizing committee had called off the first day of the festival, citing the unrest. T-Vice cancelled its participation. However, outgoing president Martelly found time amid a political crisis to release a six-minute sexually loaded song attacking his critic journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul.

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