Ram - Carnaval 2008

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If i could, i would like to write this beautiful song to you. Since it is already created, enjoy it non the less Ram - Carnaval 2008 - RAM (stands for the initial of its founder) is one of the most prominent vodou-themed bands in Rasin (roots) music. Created in 1990 by Richard A. Morse, an American-born man (Mother is Emerante de Pradines

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Murette Joseph says...

cette video est bell epuis j'adore ram j'ai envie de te voir

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Clifford says...

une chanson qui a du fond, mettant en exergue le père de la patrie, bref une melange d' histoire et du culturel.


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Dadie says...

Song like that are the reason people don't get too lonely at times, for they are here to remain us of the most precious time of our lives which is our teenage years.

well for some of us anyway!Lovely

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Obed says...

What a wonderful song!! I always like this song even if it is not an haitian rythm :-) it can make someone feels kind of melancholy though, but very nice song! Again, guys?

that would be nice to have more haitian

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Une Femme Total Capital says...

Cette music fait mon coeur battre tres fort. Elle me rappelle de ma jeunesse en Haiti.

A cette epoque je revais de rencontrer l'homme de ma vie. Et vou savez?

je l'ai rencontre.

Ce qui est encore plus exitant, c'est qu'il a cree ce website.

J'adore cet

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