Boule MIC - Kanaval 2008 Music Video

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All the best Haitian music, Zouk music. Watch the most exciting music videos on the net - Boule MIC - Kanaval 2008 Music Video - It's your turn to rate the music videos for the carnaval season

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Shoman Cesaire says...

yow boule mic its t thon the best again im from nyc g li le li tan poun pase devan fake kap fe tenten nan rap la i praise for you g and never give up nigga yow m feel fanm ki nan video a wi g lagel na menm non g you are jealous ha ha ha im just playing with you g keep it moving g i got you greaps for my click tafiana reginald espyon bokor james thierry bito bef cipa its t thon the best respect and push boule mic for me please

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Conserve Jn Gerald says...

boule your carnival is very hot but its very difficult to find a big car to make the champ of march street cause they dont like hip hop creole but we dont care its t thon the

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