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Nu Look - Wasn't Meant to Be Live

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The great Arly Lariviere in one of his most popular song with the group Nu Look - Wasn't Meant to Be Live

Ralph Conde is the one well known to be jumping around looking for opportunities. He started his music career with 'Papash' in the mid-80s and then he created VAG with some of the original members of 'Papash', but that was very short lived. Then he joined one of the biggest international Haitian groups "Tabou Combo". During his association with 'Tabou Combo' for 8 years, he became a popular name, and travelled extensively all over the world. Before Ralph joined Nu Look in 2004 on the invitation of Felder, he used to play with Top Vice with Robert Martino since 2002. Ralph's talent has taken him all over the world and he has shared prestigious stages in Europe, Africa, South America and the Caribbean with the Group Tabou Combo which he joined in 1996 and the group "Nu Look" since 2004. Many observers believe that Ralph Conde made a big mistake by leaving Nu-Look to join Zenglen while Zenglen was on the top with its first released album, but eventually it started slowing down.

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