T-Micky - Kanaval 2016 Feat. Baky and JPerry Bras

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Here is T-Micky with his Kanaval 2016 Feat. Baky and JPerry Bras

Haiti Rara Music. In Haitian tradition, 'Rara' music is used for street processions, typically during the holy Easter Week. Some elements of Rara include: (a) Vaksen, a large set of cylindrical bamboo or metal pipe trumpets; (b) Percussion instrument (güiras or güiros) to bring overall rhythm; (c) Horns (like like saxophones or trumpets) and (d) Participating people in vibrant dresses. Each season brings new songs on contemporary issues and the songs are always performed in Haitian Kreyòl.

Compás music is a form of Haitian music which is well-known for its driving beat and adaptability. It is now known by many other names such as, kompás, kompá, compás direct or kompá dirèk (created in 1955). It is currently the most popular style common in all music made in Haiti today.

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