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Gazzman Disip Feat. Richard Cave "poukisa"

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Here is the latest music video from Disip of Gazzman Couleur. This time, Gazzman joined forces with another superstar in the Haitian music. Gazzman Disip feat. Richard Cave "Poukisa" in their first official music video.

I think the video is well done. However, I don't know yet how the religious community will take it. As you look at the video, some would think that the Haitian artist is making a mok out of the passage of Jesus on earth.

By the way, here are some places where you can get your Haitian music, religious, Kompa, twoubadou, you name it:

There are several scenes that will trigger discussion among some Christians.

Where do you stand in this? Do you think it was a well made video? do you think the video is a good resources for the Haitian religious community.

Please watch the video and proviide your comment below

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