Emeline Michel - New Music Video - Timoun

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Here is a music video completely filmed at the Citadel. It is by Emeline Michel - Timoun.

Emeline Michel is a Haitian singer who is affectionately called as the "Joni Mitchell of Haiti." She is the daughter of a Baptist pastor of modest means from Gonaives. Michel started her music career as a member of the local church choir. With her matured talent, she moved to America and studied her art at the Detroit Jazz Center with a scholarship for a semester-long exchange program. She incorporated Haitian folk traditions into a more sophisticated sound. Her songs are blends of Haitian compas and Rara music with bits of jazz, bossa nova, pop and samba. Her first album "Douvanjou ka leave" (May the Sun Rise) was recorded in 1987. Her fourth album "Tout Mon Temps" was released when she moved to Paris to explore the world of French music. The album had a single track "A-K-I-K-O" which became an instant global dance hit in countries like Quebec, Africa, Belgium, French Guiana, Chile and Japan. She brought a fresh, liberated sensuality to the Haitian pop music. She sings mostly in Kreyol, with some French and English. She has been performing all over the world for almost three decades. Her name is synonymous to the country's fight for survival.

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