Tantan - Pam Pam Pam Music Video

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This type of music give the caribbean tast to Haiti
Tantan -Pam Pam Pam Music video - finally i found it pam pam pam i couldn t figure the name this is the song. That's the song ya'll. Tantan all the way...

Tags: Konpa, Love Song, Tantan, Lakol, Haitian, Haiti, Getting Back Together, Tantan Music Video

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Cp says...

richie keep going like that u the one and only one nobody can't fallow

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Nathalie says...

I love this song he one of the best artist keep up the good

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Nandie Stephanie Jumelle says...

girl u must be trippin tantan is NOT hot at all he's songs are good and everything but lookwise he's even on the

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Nezie says...

i cant never get enought of this video he is so hooooooot and i love all his music they are very romantic.ooh i think im in looooove with guy.

keep it baby luv

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Nina says...

The music was alright and this is one of my favorite in his albumn, so i'm just waiting for his other albumn if he plans to make

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Ilda A. says...

I love this video that was fantastic, i have to listen to that song everyday.

by the way tantan nice body, the movement was great, everything was perfect

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Jude C.leconte says...

When Tantan comes up with a vedeo, it's always of the chain.

Congradulation Lakol, u are the

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Wadnel says...

This is a cool video ---- I enjoy it @ all times

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Serette says...

Ilove that song, the first time i heard this song i can not stop listen to it.It is a lovely song i enjoy watching the video

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Sharcha says...

i love that song everything about that song! i really love that song and he so so so sexy i love you tantan! you dance so sexy i love you

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