VWADEZIL raboday - Les Peta D'or

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Here is once again VWADEZIL raboday - Les Peta D'or.

"Rabòday" is the new wave of electronic dance music which has invaded the sound systems of Haiti. It dominates street parties, taxi stands and even the rowdy basketball tournaments. The origin of this electronic Raboday can be found in 'Rara', much older than the country Haiti itself. "Rara' was the music of indigenous Taíno people, a form of African rhythm eventually modernized into the present style. 'Freshla', or Raboday, the leader in Raboday was born as Donald Joseph in Port-au-Prince, but he is better known by his title "the King of Rabòday", bestowed on him last year by the Mayor of Delmas. His songs are based on contemporary issues, with much blending of politics.

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