Disip DE GAZZMAN COULEUR Madanm Mwen Te Met Pa Bon

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Here is the group Disip DE GAZZMAN COULEUR in the popular song Madanm Mwen Te Met Pa Bon.

The song "Madanm Mwen Met Pa Bon" was released in 2013 by the Haitian Konpa band Disip De Gazzman Couleur in the Viktwa (victory) album. It shows the group's vast range of danceable scores to sublime ballads. It is undoubtedly, a good stuff, the quality of the video is awesome. Listening Madanm Mwen Te Met Pa Bon (So What if My Girl is No Good) is a refreshing experience. The song tells how the females defend their 'good for nothing men', which is rarely seen among the men with their girls. Friends and their folks constantly make whispering complaints about their girls' suspicious attitude to the narrator who pays no heed to them, but finally reminds about their wives' contribution towards their household chores.

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